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Bělá village

The picturesque Bělá village is situated in Opava region, Silesia, some 20 km north of the chartered towns of Ostrava and Opava, 243 m above sea level.  It has 709 inhabitants and the village was first mentioned in 1349. Nearby, there is a church of St. John Baptist, Priessnitz baths in the open air – i.e. two freely attainable pools with therapeutic effects, a labyrinth, a romantic trout farm and tourist tracks and cyclo-tracks suitable for in-line roller skating, too.

St. John Baptist Church

Kostel sv. Jana Křtitele

The St. John Baptist Church was built in 1934 and reconstructed in 1996 – 2003; its capacity has been enlarged, and a new belfry has been built up additionally. In the vicinity of the church, there is an imitation of a Lourdes cave with Our Lady statue.

Židlo Healing Spring

Léčivý pramen Židlo

The forest spring called Židlo, rising from the depth in Pavlačka forest, boasts about its rich history. Extraordinary properties of the Židlo healing spring water refer back to the 19th century. Healing effects of the water were known already at that time as a reliable help in the treatment of various diseases, eye inflammations, skin eczemas, gastric disorders, etc. In 2004, the mouth of the spring was adjusted and a zone of relaxation and recreation with a freely accessible pool utilizing the Priessnitz method of treatment of rheumatism was established. Later on, a subsidy was obtained by the village from OKD Foundation, thanks to which the natural area has been extended by means of a Christian Labyrinth; also a walking footpath with oval stones has come into being to allow a bare-foot walk with an aim of enhancement of blood supply to lower extremities following the Priessnitz treatment procedure in pools. The relaxation area is subject to gradual extending since other alternative methods of relaxation and recreation of both the body and soul are being added. Hence, do not hesitate and come to see it!

Priessnitz Pools

Priessnitzové koupele

The limpid water of Židlo spring flows into artificially created pools serving as Priessnitz outdoor baths for lower and upper extremities. It is a historically proven valuable procedure enhancing blood supply not only to extremities, but – based on reflexes – also to the head, neck and the upper part of the body. Regular daily stork-like-walking gait in the pool with the natural running-through 8 – 15 °C cold water results in better functioning of the heart and vessels, and in better resistance of the organism to infections, physical load and psychic stress. Placing upper extremities into the shallow pool with the running-through water possessing therapeutic effects leads to disappearance of migraines or sleeplessness, to tranquilization of fast heart rate, alleviating allergic manifestations of thyroid gland disorders and, last but not least, improves breathing, too.



On November 15th, 2008, another attractive place – the Christian Labyrinth – enriched newly the health-beneficial hundred-years-old Židlo spring, the quality of which has been confirmed by physicians promoting Priessnitz baths. The Christian Labyrinth is a spot where both the believers and incidental visitors may find a place where to stop, meditate and relax. The French Chartres Labyrinth built in 1213 was an inspiration for construction of the Labyrinth, with similar labyrinths existing also in other Middle-age cathedrals, e.g. that in Reims. However, only the one in Chartres has been preserved until now just incidentally. In Middle Ages pilgrims were going through labyrinths - frequently for as long as one hour. Such a practice was to replace a journey to Jerusalem which was impossible for the believers during wars. Mr. Karel Krupa, the mayor of the village, who was also the major initiator of the Labyrinth origin, commented it as follows: „If you decide to go 500 meters along the labyrinth paths made of hundred-year-old “Klinger” brick coming from local brickworks, with the labyrinth diameter being 25 m, then believe you will understand the motto at the very start of the Labyrinth saying: “Set off for the journey through the Labyrinth in order to meet the God in your heart.”

Trout-breeding Farm

Pstruží farma

Guests may also visit the trout-breeding farm which is situated 1 km from the village, with a gamekeeper’s lodge belonging to Rothschild’s family originally, offering a pleasant place to sit down and relax in the beautiful nature allowing fishing and degustation of fish delicacies. The operation of the trout-breeding farm starts on May 1st and finishes on September 28th on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Multi-purpose Sporting Grounds

Víceúčelové sportoviště

Also illuminated sporting grounds can be found not far from our Bělá Pension and Bělá Horse-breeding Farm. There you can go in for sports like tennis, football, football tennis, volleyball, basketball, and other sports.

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