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Come to us to relax ...

Experience the adventure of riding ...

Meet the surrounding countryside ...

Taste wine in our cellar ...

Active Holiday

Step on pedals!

Cycling – A pleasant trip without demanding inclines, several enjoyable stops, numerous taverns offering refreshment – this is what Opavské Slezsko has to offer cyclists. Local well-maintained trails run over easy terrain, making the opportunity to get acquainted with the region of two wheels very enticing. The 41 kilometre Moravice Trail is quite popular. It starts in Opava and ends in Kružberk.

The 40 kilometre Trail from our village Bělá to Hradec nad Moravicí or only to Opava (30 km) is also charming – leading throug calm nature, round the local airport in Zábřeh, through small villages reminding an era when the quirky Silesians lived here – the most interesting village is Kravaře with pictoresque houses and Chateau with an English park and golf course. The Radegast Trail leads you through Opava to Hradec nad Moravicí – a beautiful town with romantic Chateau and beautiful nature with green forests around the Opava River.

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Opavské Slezsko (Opavian Silesia) is relatively small region situated between Jeseníky and Beskydy mountains. However, visitors will be surprised by abundance of attractive places, places of historic interest, beauties of nature of military forts in good repair. The best way how to manage to see all the beauties of Opavské Slezsko is to take a bicycle and set off through scenic countryside by one of many local cycle tracks.There are also several long-distance cycling trails passing through the region e.g. Amber Trail - Jantarová stezka (Track No. 5), Silesian Artery – Slezská magistrála (Track No. 55), Moravice (Track No. 551) or Prajská Trail (Track nr. 6092). We are ready to help you finding the right one.

Crisscross the countryside to learn its beauties

Aktivní odpočinekA dense network of touristic routes marked with touristic signs will lead you through jewels of Silesia around Opava - from the golf course in the Kravaře Chateau area or the Šilheřovice golf course, through unique bunkers and fortresses on the border – with the best-known being the fortification system of Hlučín-Darkovičky, the open-air museum of folk crafts and traditions in Bolatice, the English Park in Kravaře Chateau, the pilgrimage place in Hrabyně or in Píšť, to the White Pearl of Silesia – Opava town, or the Arboretum in Nový Dvůr near Opava – the botanical gardens with rare plants of five continents well-known all over Europe, as far as the White and Red Chateaus in Hradec nad Moravicí or romantic Raduň Chateau.

Water pleasures

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Who would not welcome refreshment and pleasant bathing on sultry summer days? Enjoy the most popular ways of relaxation and active leisure at many places in Opava Region. There is a wide range of modern multipurpose aqua-centers with switch-backs and wellness facilities (Opava, Kravaře, Olza, Bohumín, Ostrava), open air pools in Bolatice, Píšť or in Hradec nad Moravicí, as well as nature water reservoirs, e.g. Hlučín - the natural multipurpose sport facility. You can find also mini-golf courses or petanque courts, beach volleyball courts and children playgrounds there. Water sports lovers will appreciate the possibility of descending the Moravice River or water-skiing and windsurfing at Hlučín water reservoir.

The Slezská Harta water reservoir situated in Bruntál district is one of popular trip destinations. Slezská Harta has come into being after damming up the Moravice River which had flown there through a narrow valley.

Sport and Adrenalin

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 The Silesian Aeroclubthe local club in Dolní Benešov – Zábřeh offers flying and parachuting courses as well as observatory flights. An Air Show is held there regularly every year. Enjoy the speed borrowing a kart or a four-wheeler as well as water skiing and windsurfing in Hlučín area.


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Golf Courses - Golf players enjoy their favored sport on the 18-hole course within premises of the chateau park in Šilheřovice or the 9-hole course within the chateau part in Kravaře.


Sanatoria Klimkovice is the spa with an outstanding standard of the treatment which is based on an extraordinary natural curative source – tertiary, highly concentrated iodine-bromine brine. Specialists in Sanatoria Klimkovice have excellent produces and a lot of experience with the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, gynecological and vascular diseases. The matchless location and the unique curative source make Sanatoria Klimkovice a remarkable place where you regain your health, serenity, harmony and joy of life.

Zoo Ostrava

The area of the ZOO is 102 ha, it was established in 1951, nowadays it counts about 1050 animals, 260 breeds; the recreational and leisure area is situated in a forest park. We recommend it for families with children.

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